Using Creativity to Enhance Cultural Entrepreneurship

Since the beginning of time, culture has been passed on from generation to generation. Traditionally, our forefathers used creativity to create artistic products, worked with their hands to make sculptures for a living while women sold traditional food to sustain their families. Similarly, just as cultural entrepreneurship was practised back then, it is still a common business practice to date.

The final week of the Startup Business Festival event was centred on entrepreneurship for creative and cultural expression. South Africa is universally recognised for its cultural artistic flair. To attest to the statement, the week witnessed a diverse representation of artists from theatre performers, actors, authors, curators as well as entrepreneurs, financial experts, creative innovators, prominent speakers and many more.

Cultural entrepreneurship is concerned with how cultural products such as literature, art and theatre including cultural undertakings like events, sports, music and food have an influence on the economic growth.

Just to mention a few of the speakers, Dr Jerry Mofokeng, a staunch author, stage and screen actor also graced the festival with his presence,  shared industry insights and drawing in on some filming art aspects. Bafana Zembe, curator and installer showcased how creative innovation influenced Basile Art Project.

How can creative innovation enhance Cultural Entrepreneurship for advancement of the society? As cultural game changers and creative thinkers, cultural entrepreneurs can infuse creative innovation to organize social, financial, cultural and human capital, to make money from any and every cultural activity. 

This will in turn produce financially viable cultural initiatives to improve livelihoods, while creating cultural value and more money for entrepreneurs.

Since culture infiltrates activities across all economic sectors, cultural entrepreneurship carries enormous prospects in bringing major societal change. Boosted by technological revolution which opens up platform for innovation, cultural entrepreneurship has proven to be a profitable and sustainable cultural preservation approach.

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